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Designer: Sharon Tanner of Oshé

As the sun and moon align, a moment of awe-inspiring beauty is created, where light and shadow interplay and the stage is set for a grand performance! The presence of Eclipse casts an irreversible spell, he is overprotective and encourages his fellow masqueraders to embrace the unknown and venture into unexplored realms.

ADULT MALE: $700EC | $260 US

Body Wear (Shorts)
Chest Piece
Waist Piece
Arm Pieces (2x)
Wrist Pieces (2x)
Leg Pieces (2x)

Feathered Head
Piece +$135 EC | $50 US
Large Back Piece +$200 EC | $75US

Package includes:
Roll Call: The Calm before the Storm
Fantacy Fitness Fusion
Band Practice: Bouyon for Breakfast
Lumi-Nation: The Dirty Red Light
Klubird T-Shirt Band
Fantacy Tribe: Erratic - Under the Weather

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