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Designer: Sharon Tanner of Oshé

Soleil is a reminder of the beauty of nature and the simple pleasures of life. The children of Soleil are true symbols of celebration, as they burst onto the carnival scene with boundless energy, radiant warmth, and a sense of wonder. Like little rays of sunshine, the children of Soleil embody the spirit of the sun, radiating joy and exuding a contagious enthusiasm. They have the power to uplift spirits and brighten even the cloudiest of days. Soleil will cast a warm glow over the carnival streets, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for memorable moments.

GIRLS: $EC 600 | $220 US

Body Wear
Arm Pieces
Feathered Leg Pieces (2x)
Back Piece or Head Piece

BOYS: $EC 450 | $165 US

Body Wear
Head Piece
Arm Pieces (2x)

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