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About Us

Fantacy Tribe will debut in 2023 for the highly anticipated return of Mas Dominik celebrations. This inaugural “Carnival Ticket” promises to add enchantment to the carnival experience from event to roadshow. Beyond our nature as a contemporary costume troupe, we are dedicated to affording masqueraders the moments to create pleasant, and in some ways, unimaginable memories together. To be a member of our Tribe is to be connected via the reveling spirits of our ancestors, making us a haven for true carnival revelers.


Your membership grants you a single Carnival Ticket, which affords you access to multiple events of varying themes and magnitudes preceding the climaxing Costume Parade. Let us be your carnival one-stop-shop.


Our goal is to serve the tribe with top quality productions, irresistible sounds, stellar customer service, and ultimately, an unforgettable carnival experience. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the Tribe!


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